Creating Space To Heal: Mother Transforms Murdered Son's Bedroom (VIDEO)

Creating Space To Heal: Mother Transforms Murdered Son’s Bedroom

After Beth Dargis’ teenage son was murdered by his friend, she left his room untouched for months. On a segment for HuffPost Live, she discussed how finally facing his belongings helped the whole family heal.

“The decluttering process was not as difficult as I thought,” Dargis shared. “He had a lot of junk. He was a collector, so there were little screw things and metal objects and papers and notes, but it was not as difficult as we thought. And then we had a core group of things we wanted to remember."

And though Dargis kept some of her son’s belongings, she was able to convert his room into a new space.

“We transformed it to a hangout for my daughter,” she told host Janet Varney. “Just to transform that into something positive and something he would like. Because he wouldn’t like just a shrine.”

Varney and Dargis were joined by celebrity designer Nate Berkus and grief recovery expert Carole Brody Fleet,

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