Creating the Impossible Begins With Ignoring Those who Love you

How often have you let the people in your life make you believe that something wasn't possible or that the choices you were making might not be the best ones? You might have even believed at some point that you might be best to quit and just go get a real job...

As entrepreneurs, the biggest challenge is to cultivate an indestructible inner strength and faith in our goals & dreams. If we don't make that a priority we will constantly get sidetracked and start believing in other people's fears and worries.

As a general rule, those who love you don't want to see you fail and because of that, they might want to protect you more than you need. The risks you are taking to achieve your success brings up fears in them that end up, if not being careful, rubbing off on you. It's ridiculous for us to expect those who are not on the business journey to understand our choices and reality. It's like asking someone who has a fear of heights to go parachuting? They would think you're nuts and wonder why the heck you would want to do that anyways. Well it's the same thing in business most of the time. People either think 'Wow that person is inspiring' or 'Oh my god, that person is nuts, I don't know how he/she lives like that'.

Today I went to the park next to my place where I just bought a summer pass so that I can do some stand up paddle boarding. It's my moment to really disconnect and refuel after a long day tending to my business. I was going today but just for a walk with my dog and as I was driving I thought 'Wouldn't it be amazing if they would let me bring my dog on the water with me'. If I would have asked close people around me what they thought of this idea beforehand I would have gotten lots of 'I doubt it, I don't think that's a good idea, that sounds dangerous or what if you fall'. Instead I followed my curiosity and took a chance to make it happen. I walked to the dock and asked if I could possibly bring my dog with me. The answer was 'Sure, another lady does this all the time'. So Bailey and I went out on the water and oh my god did we enjoy ourselves. It was exciting and liberating to see my vision come to life. It reminded me once more that anything is possible, as long as you believe it is!

Was it scary putting my super energetic dog on the paddle board with me at first? Uhhh yes. Did I know how it was going to roll out? Uhhmmm nope! But that's what made it so much fun.

2 years before this when I opened my wellness center in Montreal, my then partner and I had made a clear decision that we would bring our dogs to work. It was a non-negotiable! So many people in my surroundings told me that it was a bad idea, that it wouldn't work, that I would cause myself stress and that it would negatively affect the business. I stuck to my vision and showed up with a state of mind that was filled with belief and faith, just like I did today on the paddle board. In both situations things worked out great. At the center, the dogs were fabulous. Clients were excited to come in just to see the dogs and it made their experience that much more unique and relaxing for them. It could have been a failure like anything else but you can't succeed in life without being ready to fall flat on your face!

So guess what? When I docked the board today Bailey fell in the water (oups) and I almost flipped too. In the end I was just grateful for everything that went well and took the fall with a good laugh, coming home soaking wet in my clothes yet refreshed and full of life.

That's what makes entrepreneurs so different. They see opportunities where most people see obstacles. The business journey is not always an easy one. It's filled with ups and downs, with bumps in the road and with determining moments where we need to make important decisions. In each and every moment our state of mind impacts what the next moment will become. Your state of mind literally crafts out your future experiences and impacts your potential for success. So even though your friends and family love you dearly, you'll have to put on blinders and ignore most of their input to achieve your goals, because their role is to love you, not to understand your entrepreneurial journey. Do it gently, do it kindly and keep on your path because if you do, you'll be blown away by what's ahead for you and so will they! Remember that they love you but you've got your path to follow, and trust it because it's uniquely yours. If you don't live it out, no one else will!

Have faith where you see opportunity and possibility and don't let the external world try to convince you that your visions aren't possible. Take the leap, fall down if necessary but after you fall, get right back up and look behind you at everything you achieved. Repeat!

Cheers to your success and INJOY the business journey.
Co-founder at Injoy Business

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