Creating Your Reality: All You Need Is Your Mind

Everyone daydreams. Some more than others. However, you often don't even realize that you are daydreaming. Visualization simply means becoming aware of your daydreams and focusing on them to create your dreams into your reality.
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In my consulting practice, I constantly hear people complain about how they rarely get what they want in life. They claim that when they do receive an answer to a wish or prayer, it falls short of the expected goal. Very frustrating, indeed!

Many researchers state that most human beings use just 10% or less of their brain capacity. What is even more shocking, humans only use 3% of their total DNA instructions, leaving the remaining 97% to be called "junk DNA" by scientists.

Russian researchers claim that the way the protein bases of DNA, (cytosine, adenine, guanine and thymine) are put together, that they actually appear like syntax in language. This research led to the idea that perhaps your words, vocalized or even simply thought, can affect your DNA. Research on this is still conducted in many countries.

You may have also heard the term "thoughts are things." This is because thoughts can be measured electromagnetically. An electroencephalograph measures brain waves and indicates that a brain is alive. Science and medicine recognize that as long as brainwaves are active and projecting out, a person is living.

What would happen if you were able to open up a portion of the brain capacity and DNA storage that you don't use? What abilities or powers would you have? Is this what psychics can do?

I use an analogy of how you can create your body and experiences using only your thoughts.

Think of it like this:

Thoughts are like film.

The brain is the projector.

Physical reality is the screen.

If you don't like the "movie" that is playing around you, all you need to do is change the "film," which takes you right back to your thoughts.

Sounds simple, but is it?

When you have specific thoughts and ideas most of your life, you may find it challenging to change your conditioned way of thinking. You are conditioned by your parents, school, church, friends and media. You are conditioned to have specific thoughts in a specific way.

For example, if mother said you need to change your socks every day, then as you become an adult, after following this thought path daily, you may feel strange or even guilty if you don't do as you have been conditioned.

How do you modify your thoughts?

One way that seems to work well is by the use of affirmations. These are positive statements that a person thinks constantly to change or override a foundational thought or mind-pattern. Some people like to write them down constantly. The act of writing them over and over embeds the thought in your mind.

Keep your affirmations positive and in the current moment. For example, let's say that you want to buy a home. Use this affirmation:

"I now own the most perfect home for me to live in." Or...

"I now have the funding to purchase my most perfect residence."

You can create your own versions of this. Just follow the rules of keeping it personal, current and only with positive words.

You can even do a visualization where you see a big, brown X through any negative thought that you feel holds you back from achieving your goals. Then, once you have brown X'ed it out, immediately replace it with the affirmation you have created.

Another way to create your desires and goals is to actually visualize your brain as a projector. Then, remove the "film" that is running through it and replace it with new film that contains what you want.

Or, visualize a DVD player in your mind. Replace the disc with a new one. On that disc see a label with what you want to create. Then, simply see the new disc running like a software in your mind.

Be as creative as you like. Visualize whatever you feel will help you to achieve this change in thinking. Make it a fun process. Make a list of the goals and end results that you wish to accomplish. You will be amazed at what you can do and never realized before!

You may claim that you are not able to concentrate or visualize. This may be due to stress, medications, fatigue, injuries or even just thinking that you can't. But, if you can daydream, you can visualize.

Everyone daydreams. Some more than others. However, you often don't even realize that you are daydreaming. Visualization simply means becoming aware of your daydreams and focusing on them to create your dreams into your reality. Practice makes perfect. Keep trying!
Do you like the "movie of your life" that is playing before your eyes? Want to make changes? Replace the "film." You are the producer, director and editor. You cast all roles. Happy movie-making!

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