8 Ways to Unplug

There is growing evidence that excessive time online makes us dumber, more depressed, and more prone to extreme behavior (get well soon, Jason Russell). And yet, modern life demands that we stay plugged in, with work, entertainment, and varying degrees of social connection. All of this screen time is exhausting to our brain, which didn't evolve in the company of gadgets, so how can we reclaim our sanity?

As an alternative to excessive time online, I advise people to engage in creative activities that are intrinsically nurturing, and that light up other parts of the brain. It doesn't take much reflection to realize that some of the most satisfying experiences life has to offer are simply not available online (or in front of the TV). Here are the eight of the best ways you can heal your tech-overloaded brain, and remember: No technology allowed. Leave it at home!

8 Unplugged Activities