23 Creative Bookmarks To Make Sure You Pick Up Where You Left Off

23 Creative Bookmarks To Make Sure You Pick Up Where You Left Off
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A folded corner. A spare receipt. An optimistic belief that we can totally remember the page number. We all have our ways of marking our place in a book before closing it for the time being -- but far too often that method is unreliable or unattractive. Remember, all those dog-eared page corners will still mark our books long after we've finished reading!

There is, however, an easy solution: Bring back the bookmark! A good bookmark will hold your place more clearly and reliably than a grubby bit of scrap paper, and it will ensure the structural integrity of each page in the book is preserved. Once you've tried a good bookmark, you'll never want to go back to the dark days of guessing whether you were at page 67 or page 76.

Here are 23 whimsical, clever, and super creative bookmarks to ensure your page is marked.

Zipmark Bookmark
Done with your book for the night? Zip it up until tomorrow! (Or just use a bookmark with a cool zipper detail on the top.) (Via Amazon.)
Bacon scratch-and-sniff
Rise and shine, sleepyhead! Time to spring out of bed and... start your daily reading! (Sorry, the bacon isn't real, but there's cereal in the kitchen.) (Via Demco.)
Fingerprint Bookmark Band
Right, that's the line where I left off. Thanks bookmark! (Via MoMA.)
Sprout Bookmark
Is it possible that there's a plant sprouting out of this book?? Or is it simply a very adorable placeholder? (Via MochiThings.)
Book Keeper Bookmark
This is a fixture as much as it is a bookmark: Screw it into the wall near your favorite reading spot and ensure your current read is always waiting there, with your spot clearly marked. (Via Connox.)
Leather Heart Corner Bookmark
Corner bookmarks are underappreciated. Full stop. (Via Etsy.)
Buonanotte Table Lamp
Guys. GUYS. This is the best bedside lamp ever. Not only can you use the lamp base as a bookmark when you're ready to turn in, resting your book on the base turns the light off for you. How efficient! (Via AllModern.)
Shoemark Bookmark
Squash this little dude in your book (no wonder he looks so alarmed) and let his feet dangle out so you can find your place in no time! (Via The Strand.)
Wicked Witch Bookmark
For the more literary foot-lover, here are the Wicked Witch of the East's ruby slipper-clad feet. Be careful as you mark your place; she has a very revenge-minded sibling. (Via Etsy.)
Albatros Bookmark
Never mark your place again. Really. Just let this clever bookmark pop into place as you turn each page, and mark your stopping point when you close the book. Brilliant! (Via Shoplocket.)
Art Deco Bookkeeper Bookmark
Owners of cluttered bags, rejoice. This bookmark features an elastic band to hold your book closed in transit, ensuring the bookmark won't fall out, nor will the pages of your new novel get crushed in the jumble of your book tote. (Via ALA.)
Lili Lite
Bookshelf, booklight, AND bookmark. There's nothing this all-in-one item can't offer to a book lover. (Via Design Milk.)
A rocking twist on the wedge stand bookmark design. Love. (Via Brit+Co.)
Bookmarker Bookmark
Flag your favorite passages as you read, while keeping your place. An elegant solution to both problems that lead to the dreaded practice of dog-earing. (Via Design Milk.)
Text Metal Bookmark
Just as fun as scribbling "I H8 Algebra" on the edges of your 7th grade textbook pages, but without the extra charges for property damage! (Via TrendHunter.)
Japanese Florals Magnetic Bookmarks
Snap a priceless work of art onto your page, and the magnets will ensure the bookmark stays firmly in place. (Via The Metropolitan Museum of Art.)
Illustrated Nature Bookmark
The colorful heads and tails of these birds peek out of your book as you take a break from reading. Adorable. (Via Etsy.)
Liquid Bookmark
Is that blood oozing out of your book, or just a hand-poured soft silicone bookmark? (Via Connox.)
Iconic Mini Bookmarks
Tiny, brightly colored clips with cute cars, airplanes, cats, or farm animals atop them -- it's simultaneously subtle and distinguished-looking. (Via FallinDesign.)
In My Book Greeting Card/Bookmark
These greeting cards feature cheesy literary compliments AND a sleek shape that makes them ideal for reuse as bookmarks. (Via In My Book.)
Expletive Bookmarks
Were you forced to stop at a !!! moment or a ??? moment in your page-turner? Vent your frustration with these expressive bookmarks. (Via Kate Spade.)
Book Hook Bookmark
This wedge bookmark has an extra feature -- the central opening is a great place to pop your annotating pen or reading glasses for the night! (Via Connox.)
Silver Teaspoon Bookmark
Let's be honest about why your bookmark is being employed: Sometimes you just can't stay awake until the book is finished. This charming repurposed spoon knows that. (Via Etsy.)

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