Creative Family Photo Shows Four Generations Of Women

04/25/2017 03:11pm ET | Updated April 30, 2017

A Texas photographer found a creative way to take an intergenerational family picture.

Amber Rater of Moose Photography created this special image of local mom Nicole Margavitch, along with her mother Kathy, grandmother Marguerite and daughter Sofia.

Moose Photography
The Margavitch women star in this awesome photograph that shows four generations. 

The awesome photo appeared on the popular Facebook page, Love What Matters, where it received over 19,000 likes.

“This photograph is something I will cherish for the rest of my life,” Nicole stated in the caption. “There are 72 years between the first and the last photo in this sequence, yet the values, beauty and love transcend through generations. This photo captures the pride we have for those who came before us and those who came after us.”

Several Facebook commenters shared similar photos of their own families.

Though Amber used Photoshop to bring the image to life, you can create a similar photo manually, by printing out photographs as you go along and having each successive family member hold them.

It takes work, but as the above photos show, the result is pure family joy.

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