Welcome To My '30 Days To Fire Up Your Creative Genius' Challenge: Day 1 (VIDEO)

No matter where you are in your life, whether you're a soaring entrepreneur or an executive in a rut, a student revving up to save the planet or a stay-at-home mom, an urban shaman wandering or well established, you need to consciously cultivate your Creative Genius. And everyone has it. Everyone.

Fire up your creative genius today.

Creativity is about intention. It's how you work. It's how you show your friends you love them, how you make a house a home, how you wheel a deal, how you bend time. It's how you take an idea and make it into something real, tangible, felt.

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That power, your Creative Genius, lives within your true strengths -- the natural inclinations that feel like second nature to you. That place where you feel energized and more like yourself.

But what happens is that we let things come between us and our Creative Genius. Obligations; limiting beliefs about what's possible and what you deserve; company policy; patterns of compromise. 30 days to Fire Up Your Creative Genius is going to burn those illusions to a crisp and free up your brilliance.

With my book, The Fire Starter Sessions as the rhythm keeper, you'll get a Burning Question everyday -- short, snappy videos with questions that you may have never been asked before. Your answers might break open your heart and completely re-frame your ambitions. Or you may discover that you're further along than you've been giving yourself credit for. And there are worksheets -- with useful and engaging exercises that you can think on or write about in your own time.

Your truest dreams, your core desired feelings, the fears that you want to be like, so totally done with -- we're going there. 30 Days to Fire Up your Creative Genius is part sermon, part pep talk and part DIY soul retreat.

This is not a self-help bootcamp with a 10-step formula for turbo-charged success in 30 days or less! -- tho' you may very well take turbo-charged action, in which case, Ya, baby! This is an invitation to see yourself more clearly -- the power of you, the beauty of you, the truth of what lights your fire. Because I guarantee that what gets you stoked in life, is directly related to your true strengths.

Your Creative Genius is always waiting to be freed in greater degrees. Let's throw it a coming out party. Everyday.

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