Creative Healing Art Is Holistic Self Care

Creative healing art is another form of holistic self-care and therapy I enjoy. I love to write, cook, paint, and draw, and design and make beautiful beaded jewelry. I love drawing and painting to help myself feel better, especially when I work with beautiful vibrant colors. When I draw and paint, I have the same peaceful wonderful feeling when I'm writing and cooking. I forget about the world around me and more important, I forget about all my woes and grief and I get lost in the beauty I'm creating. I imagine that all the great talented artists in history did most of their beautiful work for their own self-care to help themselves feel better and then they decided whether or not to sell their artwork. There is something so wonderful and beautiful about taking a red crayon or marker and drawing a rainbow heart or flowers.

There are times I wish I could just jump into the painting or drawing and stay there. I have a feeling many people feel this way when painting or drawing something beautiful that makes them feel inspired and good. I highly recommend that everyone try to do some lovely artwork just to help yourself feel better. I don't care what others think of it and you shouldn't either. You are doing this for yourself, just like I am doing it for myself. It's a wonderful opportunity to forget that you are an adult. Creativity and innocent fun is an important part of being a child. We all need to enjoy childlike play and nurture our colorful imaginations. It's very healing for the Soul and keeps us alive. I feel this way when I make a beautiful pair of colorful beaded earrings with malachite and amethyst semi-precious beads. Getting absorbed in the moment of beautiful artwork is one of the most relaxing meditative activities we can enjoy. This is something I started doing recently. I found myself feeling very down emotionally and all I wanted was to look at something colorful and beautiful, so, I pulled out my box of art supplies and followed the inspiration in my heart and soul. I felt so much better and I enjoyed the beautiful creation. I also think of this as color therapy. It's a wonderful feeling to surround yourself with beauty and artwork.

Whatever your favorite beautiful art is, just do it, enjoy it. We all have our favorite color, favorite scenery, favorite style. My favorite colors in this order are blue, green, purple. My favorite beautiful art is dolphins, whales, and sea life, trees, grass, and flowers, and fantasy art. I'm now going to go back to the beautiful drawing I started for my friend's Birthday tomorrow. Enjoy your self-care beautiful art and have fun with it.