7 Creative Ways Parents Revealed The Sex Of Their Baby

From cupcakes to baseball to fireworks.

When expectant parents learn the sex of their baby, they may decide to share the news in an exciting way (and even be surprised themselves). The tradition has become so popular, it’s spawned countless viral videos, photos and Pinterest boards.

Here are seven creative examples from real parents.

Home Run Announcement
Monique Tello and Steven Statter channeled their love of baseball into an epic sex reveal. Tello's sister Marissa was the only person to learn the sex of their baby after her ultrasound. She then filled a clear plastic Christmas ornament with powdered chalk -- choosing between pink powder for a girl or blue for a boy -- and painted it to look like a baseball.

One afternoon at a baseball diamond with friends and family, Tello pitched the ornament baseball to Statter, who hit it with his bat and released a storm of pink powder.
Hair Dye
Mom-to-be Amanda Parrish went to the hair salon, and asked the stylist to dye her hair pink or blue, based on the ultrasound result.
Fireworks Display
Monica and Graham Driscoll of Nova Scotia used a dynamite plunger to set off a stunning fireworks display in front of friends and family.

The Driscolls entrusted the envelope revealing the sex of their unborn child to the fireworks company, and when the sky lit up pink, they learned they were having a girl.
Piñata Party
Comedian and YouTube personality GloZell Green invited her mom to reveal the sex of her unborn baby with a special piñata.
Cupcake Reveal
When Heidi Guerard and her husband Shaun learned the sex of their third child, the couple used cupcakes to share the news with their two young daughters

They told Giuliana and Grace to cut open the cupcakes. The color of the cream inside would be blue for a boy or pink for a girl.
Brooke from What's Up Moms took her ultrasound results to a balloon store, where employees filled two giant balloons with mini pink or blue balloons.

They popped the big balloons to discover the sex of their baby.
Silly String Attack
Perry and Kat only let two friends find out the sex of their baby so that they could be surprised with a spray of pink or blue Silly String.
Creative Pregnancy Announcements