Creativity and the Sea

I love the sea.

I create bronze sculpture, which is aesthetically and spiritually inspired. The arcs and curves of my work represent the motion of the sea. The sea feels like my home; I live by it, I swim it in and I sculpt next to it. The sea is accepting of all us; it's always here to heal and nurture us. The sea is fascinating; it is always there but always changing. The color, the waves... they are different from one moment to the next.

To create a sculpture, I pour melted bronze into a mold thus capturing the essence of movement. There are thirty-two steps in making a bronze sculpture. Among them are sculpting a maquette out of wax, mold making, casting, welding and creating a patina. It's work intensive but the result is beautiful and will last lifetimes.

Sculpture and the sea both make me feel joyful and it is what my work is all about... peace, joy and the celebration of life.

"Anne Mimi Sammis' sculpture embraces a form of peace, the inherent goodness and readiness of love and acceptance in humankind."
-Agnes Gund, President Emerita, The Museum of Modern Art, NY