What These 7 World-Famous Artists Can Teach You About Creativity

Feeling uninspired? We've all been there.

But perhaps no one has felt it more than those who work tirelessly to create something beautiful -- and public -- for a living. Get yourself out of that creative rut with some insight from these incredibly accomplished artists below.

Creativity calls for risk-taking.
miles davis
Photo: Flickr/jasonholmberg

Your surroundings are magical. You just have to look.
ray bradbury
Photo: AP

Don't do it just to do it. Do it because it means something to you.
joyce carol oates
Photo: Getty

Persistence will get you there.
Photo: AP

Pay attention. Really pay attention.
akira kurosawa
Photo: The Museum Of Film History

Start with the basics.
twyla tharp
Photo: Getty

Relieve some pressure and let your mind do the work.
ian rickson
Photo: Getty

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