Creativity and the Ordinary


Creativity thrives daily. In fact, it's sparked by everyday, seemingly mundane movements. Know that flash of insight you get in the shower, on the toilet, while brushing your teeth...? Bathrooms are conducive to creativity: we release, let go, reintegrate -- and that's when we're able to tap into that sparkling, divine flow, which is always available. Constipation, dead skin cells, plaque on teeth, arteries, and brain, though, are blocks on the road to roaring bliss.

Avoid doing the dishes? Rethink that. Doing the dishes always tickles my imagination. Warm water, organic soap, clearing away stuff that no longer serves me, creating a fresh slate on a good plate... these are sweet stepping stones toward frisky thoughts and actions. And vacuuming can be as meditative as a walk through a zen garden.

Consider housekeeping your launchpad to happiness. Clearing away what no longer sparks joy (thanks, Marie Kondo), creating space for what you envision, and anticipating beauty -- that's what opens you up to the heavens. Let the good rush in and through you, and then ship your art.

Creativity is born from ordinary actions.
Find the magic in the everyday and you'll create magic every day.
Bathrooms are conducive to creativity.