Creator Of Gross Countertop Spaghetti 'Hack' Claims He Wants 'To Make Cooking Fun'

Twitter was baffled by a viral video of a woman demonstrating “the easiest way to make spaghetti for a crowd” by mixing ingredients on a countertop.

An odd pasta video got Twitter users all twisted like fusilli.

But the video’s creator, Josh Flom, told HuffPost he just wants “to make cooking fun, and something everyone can enjoy.”

On Tuesday, Twitter user and YouTuber Jarvis Johnson tweeted a now-deleted video to his over 133,000 followers that showed a woman demonstrating “the easiest way to make spaghetti for a crowd.”

Johnson captioned the video: “what a normal and ultimate spaghetti hack!”

The video, which originated on a Facebook page called “Josh and Lisa” and is titled “ULTIMATE SPAGHETTI TRICK!!” shows a woman pouring uncooked Prego pasta sauce onto her pristine, white countertop — which she claims she does “all the time.” She follows this up by placing meatballs and freshly cooked noodles all over the surface.

“You don’t have to worry about dishes, or a mess, or anything like that,” the woman says in the video.

She then mixes all the ingredients together, or “folds” all the ingredients in with wooden spoons, adds some lettuce, tops the leafy greens with Kraft Italian dressing, and adorns her masterpiece with slices of bread.

The woman, who claims in the video that she’s Italian and this is how Italians make this type of pasta, ends the video by saying:

“This is the definition of family style.”

Twitter users had a multitude of responses to the bizarre video that ranged from confusion to disgust and anger. Some Twitter users theorized that the video was either a joke or had something to do with a fetish:

“High end cooking can be so challenging, so we like to make things that are easy, exciting, but still delicious,” Josh Flom told HuffPost in an emailed statement about his page’s content.

The “Josh and Lisa” Facebook page also includes equally silly videos like “FASTEST SNACK EVER!!”; “ULTIMATE PARTY TICK!!”; and “NEVER BUY expensive CAKES AGAIN!!” in which a woman changes the shape of a square sheet cake into a circle with the use of a hollowed-out lamp (we’re serious).

“Our food videos are all about making normal everyday food with a little twist,” Flom added.

Flom also said in his statement that the “kitchen is about bringing people together.”

“There is nothing better than your family and friends all sitting around your counter, enjoying a home cooked meal in a fun and unique way.” He said that his spaghetti counter video “is an example of a memory that people do not forget.”

“The red sauce is visual, the amount of meatballs and the mounds of noodles give people something to talk about.”

He added:

“Everyone leaves with a full tummy and a night they will never forget.” With a statement like that, it’s hard not to assume that Flom’s videos are nothing more than exceptionally executed trolls.

But Eater has a bit more information about the budding trend of bonkers food videos ― and another man with the last name Flom.

According to the Eater article, published earlier this week, all of this messy content seems to be linked to two magicians named Rick Lax and Justin Flom.

Josh Flom did not respond to questions from HuffPost about his relation to Justin Flom. However, he did copy Lax on his emailed statement.

Justin Flom is a magician who has appeared on shows like James Corden’s “The Late Late Show” and SyFy’s reality competition “Wizard Wars,” which Lax spearheaded, per Eater.

Lax, who once worked for David Copperfield, has 14 million Facebook followers on his verified page alone and is behind a formidable network of viral content creators on the platform.

And much of this content just happens to include a lot of weird food videos.

Many of these videos are made by people closely connected to Lax or Justin Flom. This includes Justin Flom’s sister Janelle Flom, and a hula hoop instructor named Getti Kehayova, who told Eater she was a friend of Lax’s.

Much like Josh Flom, Kehayova told Eater that her videos are all spontaneous ideas meant to be “fun and entertaining.”

Kehayova told the food website that the people who make these food videos are “just entertainers” who had a lot of time to kill during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But she ultimately admitted:

“It’s about making people go ‘what the eff?’”

And if that’s the point, then job well done.

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