'Credence' To Put A Gay Twist On The Science Fiction Genre (VIDEO)

WATCH: Could This Be The World's First Gay Sci-Fi Movie?

A new British film aims to break fresh ground by putting a gay twist on the popular science fiction genre.

Directed by Mike Buonaiuto, "Credence" follows two gay fathers' decision to "give up all their possessions to ensure the survival of their daughter, and the entire human race" after violent storms on Earth make life on the planet unsustainable, according to press materials.

Buonaiuto, whose previous work includes the viral "Homecoming" and "Invisible Parents" clips, says he wants to "show the world what it looks like when sci-fi supports equality."

The movie, he noted in an email statement, "has a universal message that in any kind of tragedy, it's important that couples come together and support one another."

Buonaiuto and his team are spearheading an Indiegogo campaign in hopes of finishing the film for the big screen. Head here to read more about it.

Watch the trailer for "Credence" above, and check out a behind-the-scenes clip from the movie below:

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