Credit Union Helps Single Mom Recover from Upside-Down Finances

Recently, a member asked to stop a charge that was pending on her account from posting because it would cause her to have a negative account balance. Although we were unable to cancel the charge immediately, we did get her qualified for a personal line of credit and set it up as an overdraft source before the charge posted. While reviewing her credit, we also noticed she had an auto loan at a very high rate (18.99 percent) on an older vehicle with high mileage. Our instincts told us that this single mother had been taken advantage of; she appeared to have paid significantly more than the vehicle's value and should have qualified for a better rate. Because of our full-service approach, in addition to assisting with the charge, we helped her look for a great deal on a newer car with low miles and negotiate a fair price for her trade-in. Then we assisted in taking out a loan from CommunityAmerica. She now has a 3.49 percent interest rate and a much lower monthly -- and now automatic -- payment, so she is no longer "upside down."