PSA For Super Bowl Advertisers: Animal Commercials Should Be Cute Not Creepy

Did you have a nightmare about a puppymonkeybaby covered in ketchup and singing Queen? Here’s why …

A very important note for Super Bowl advertisers: Cute animals + Products = Winning strategy. A touchdown. A sure bet.

Remember last year's adorable Budweiser animal ad? We ate that right up! Just like our favorite salsa recipe.

But what was up with the strange animal ads that aired during this year's Super Bowl? A puppymonkeybaby and singing sheep? What have we done? 

Please, no more of this creepiness ever again: 

The Ad In Which Puppies Will Presumably Be Eaten

The Puppymonkeybaby Ad That Caused An Internet Meltdown

The Ad Featuring Singing Sheep. So Much For Counting Sheep Ever Again. :Nightmares:

The Ad In Which Three Dogs Buy Doritos. No. 

The Ad In Which A Marmot Has To Ward Off The Advances Of A Human 


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