Creepy (And Anatomically Correct) Cake Creations From Miss Cakehead (PHOTOS)

These cakes and cookies look straight out of a mad scientist's laboratory, but they're actually the work of several talented bakers and artists who have come together thanks to Miss Cakehead, a freelance creative director and self-proclaimed "curator of cake and chaos."

Miss Cakehead is the alter-ego of Emma Thomas, the founder of the UK-based Stay Puft Creativity Corporation and the force behind numerous pop-up cake shops featuring ever-wackier designs. Thomas details many of those creations on her several blogs, the eponymous Miss Cakehead and raunchier, more NSFW stuff at Eat Your Heart Out.

The stuff on Eat Your Heart Out has us particularly intrigued. The site's tagline, "Deliciously bad-taste cakes, for Adult Eyes Only," delivers just that.

"I can't bake," Thomas told HuffPost in an email, but she has a deep adoration and respect for those who can. "I came up with the idea of curating extreme cakes as I was desperate to do something with cakes that had never been done before. As you can imagine when it comes to cakes that is a hard thing to do."

Some recent desserts featured on her sites include anatomically-correct heart macarons, blackened cancer-ridden lung cookies and realistic chocolate frogs and snails.

Thomas requests creations from various cake and dessert makers based on the needs of a particular project and pulls them together in epic fashion. At the very least, she shows us some amazing works of art we may have otherwise never seen.

Check out some astounding -- and some unsettling -- desserts in the gallery below.

Morbid Desserts