Chuckesmee, Creepy Animatronic 'Twilight' Doll Cut From Movie, Makes Her Haunting Debut (VIDEO)

Meet The Creepy Doll That Almost Made It Into 'Twilight'

Here's something so disturbing, so terrifying, so revolting that even a pack of angsty vampires couldn't deal.

We're talking about Chuckesmee, the animatronic doll that was supposed to serve as the love child of Bella and Edward in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2." The cast mentioned Chuckesmee in interviews around the time "Breaking Dawn" came out, but always in a cultish way, as though it were a sacred part of the filming process that was not meant for public knowledge.

Now, thanks to a special feature from the "Twilight" Blu-Ray/DVD collection that's out this week, Chuckesmee is ours at least. Named after a combination of Chucky and Renesmee Cullen, the doll scarred the cast and was subsequently cut from the movie. The special feature finds director Bill Condon -- who in 2012 called the idea "a giant misfire" and "a horror show" -- and various cast members relaying the terrors of little Chuckesmee and her animatronic menace. (Renesmee was eventually played by a real actress, Mackenzie Foy.) Watch the horrors below.

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