Cremation Solutions Offer Personalized Urns Made In Your Likeness

Everyone has different ways of remembering a deceased loved one.

Now you can honor them with a partly poignant, partly creepy severed head on your counter -- in other words, with a personalized facial urn made by Arlington, Vt.-based Cremation Solutions.

The creations were featured on Gizmodo earlier this month and require only one or two photographs for construction. By using facial analysis and 3D imaging, the urn is put together using polymere compound and a solid marble base with space to hold the ashes of a cremated adult in the 11-inch full size for $2,600. There's also a 6-inch keepsake size available for $600. Hair can be added digitally or with a wig, though if the wigs turn out anything like this man's urn, you might want to avoid that component altogether. On the other hand, the company's urn for President Obama is a pretty spot-on interpretation of the commander-in-chief's face.

The rest of Cremation Solutions' catalog features urns made with everything from wood to metal. Personal cremation urns are just part of a revival of unusual death businesses. One funeral parlor in California offers drive-thru funerals, while LifeGem offers customers the chance to turn cremated ashes into diamonds and jewelry.