Crème de la Culinista

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The Culinistas - a weekly private chef company with chefs in New York City and Los Angeles - brings you Crème de la Culinista, a round up of The Culinistas' favorite kitchen products. The best of the best! Everything from preserved lemons to baby food makers, The Culinistas want to share what makes prepping, cooking, and packaging much easier and in some cases, more interesting.

Hedley & Bennett Apron

Jill: Julie, you're always wearing the same apron. It's like your security blanket. What's the story?

Julie: I have a stack of aprons in my pantry - some vintage, some frilly and ruched, two from culinary school, and then there's the apron that makes all of my other aprons second class... that is my Hedley & Bennett apron. It's both durable and good-looking and when wearing it, I feel like I can tackle any recipe that comes my way. Hedley & Bennett aprons have adjustable straps and top chest pockets designed especially for sharpies and other small tools. The Sharpie is a Culinista's best friend. When cooking for clients, it's important that the food tastes delicious, but it's also equally imperative to package and label the dishes neatly. I also use my sharpie to label any extra ingredients, vinaigrettes, and spices that get packed up. My H&B apron even has a second sharpie holder on the bottom too, genius! They come in a variety of beautiful colors and fabrics, and are made right here in Los Angeles.

Julie Tanous is a private chef and the LA Director for The Culinistas