L.A. Board Of Education Closing 6 Crescendo Charter Schools Over Cheating Scandal

SHUT DOWN: L.A. Board Closing 6 Charter Schools For Cheating

The Los Angeles Board of Education voted on March 1 to close down six charter schools all run by Crescendo Schools, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The schools have been accused of cheating to boost students' performance on annual standardized tests. The schools' founder John Allen allegedly instructed teachers to open sealed state tests and teach students based on the tests.

The students showed incredible gains on tests, but Crescendo teachers alerted LAUSD officials that they were being told to cheat to achieve those results.

The Los Angeles Times detailed the cheating in an article one day before the school board voted to close down the schools over the accusations.

The closures may still be up in the air, however, according to a follow-up article.

L.A. Times reports,

Incoming Supt. John Deasy recommended an investigation by the Inspector General of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Pending those results, a one-year renewal could be considered, Deasy said.

Fox 11 News hunted down Crescendo Charter Academy principal Na'kneetra Capers, who had no comment about the Board of Education's vote.


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