Crew Paints Over Raccoon Roadkill In Pennsylvania

SPEED BUMP: Raccoon Roadkill Gets Yellow Paint Treatment

Do these stripes make me look flat?

A Pennsylvania road crew kicked a raccoon while he was down on Aug. 2 by painting yellow traffic lines over his corpse, according to The Tribune-Democrat.

Biker Sean McAfee, who came across l'art de roadkill on Wednesday, thought the foul-up was some kind of sick joke.

"When I saw it, I almost wrecked my motorcycle because I was laughing so hard," he told the paper.

But it wasn't a joke. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation messed up.

CBS reported that the PennDOT usually has a vehicle ahead of the paint truck to clear the road of debris -- and deceased raccoons -- but on Thursday, there was no such truck. The paint vehicle couldn't stop in time, and couldn't turn around on the busy stretch.

The raccoon -- whom we've dubbed "Old Yeller" -- was painted over and left on the western state road. It has since been cleaned up, and a two-foot gap remains where Old Yeller used to be.

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