Crimes and Misdemeanors

So Rio was awarded the games. How wonderful. How appropriate and to use a modern parlance: "It's about, like, freakin time." Obama Snubbed!, so claimed this very website. Snubbed? Come on. He went, he pitched, they chose another city. Done. Good for him for trying, the hometown son fighting for his state, for the obvious economic benefits that will come to the victor. Michelle, Oprah. Lovely. Thank you all for making the attempt but celebrate for Rio and the Brazilians who have never had a games in that region. What a wondrous place, also in need but also one who has come out of such difficult times into this light, this flame. Represent for us all Rio. Bravo.

Now on to Switzerland, usually neutral in conflict. I know the case only from the news, the documentary and recently Steve Lopez's article in the Los Angeles Times and the resulting shit-storm of opinions but just ask yourself, if you are a parent of a 13 year old boy or girl and the accused perpetrator has acknowledged what in this case, Polanski has, would you not want the full extent of the laws in this country to apply? Really? I would. If it was my daughter had been sodomized I would, and I would be shocked if any of his supporters would say that I was wrong to my face.

I don't give a damn about art here. I still think Jackson Pollack, though talented and visionary, a murderer by driving a young woman to her death and another to horrible injuries while they pleaded for their lives in the car that he drove drunk and crashed. The ease of celebrity and the veil of protection should be lifted and if that is what happens here then so be it. Elizabeth Smart so brave and SMART as she convinced her jailer/rapist to move closer to Salt Lake City to be closer to God or the Feds whomever came to her rescue first, told her truth, horrific as it was so that the full extent of the law can be applied to her case. The law. The law of the land. The law of The United States of America.

Now, in the same breath, while reading about the horrific devastation overseas from the earthquakes and tsunamis, David Letterman makes this revelation about his personal life because he was being extorted. I understand he was staying ahead of the wave and I commend him for it but really, is this any of our business? Why should this matter? Extortion is abundant. Look at the tragedy of John Travolta and Kelly Preston's son. Horrible, that they should have to discuss this in the midst of their grief and yet they are doing so to protect him even in death.

So as always, when I am feeling out of control and angry and sad I try to figure out what I can do, BE THE CHANGE, I intone. I can teach my children about right and wrong, how to protect themselves, how to prepare ourselves in case of a natural disaster. I am the proud spokesperson for this year's Red Cross: Do More Than Cross Your Fingers Campaign. Go to their website. Put together your family kits. Make a family plan. Buy water, send a check to the relief organizations, donate blood and then tonight, before you go to sleep, feeling a little more prepared for what life will throw at you...hug your people. Tell them what they mean to your life and that you love them fiercely and that you will protect them till your last breath.