'Criminal' Penguin Steals Stones From Neighbor's Nest (VIDEO)

WATCH: Penguin 'Turns To A Life Of Crime'

Times are hard, and it turns out Adelie penguins have it rough, too. So rough, it seems, that some have turned "to a life of crime," stealing stones from their neighbors' nests.

A BBC documentary crew filming in Antarctica captured the incriminating footage of a male penguin stealing rocks from another penguin's nest, as the victim made trips back and forth collecting the stones.

The penguins dig up part of the ground to build nests, and then they cover the area with rocks to protect and keep the eggs warm, National Geographic explains.

Stealing stones is fairly common, but the "Frozen Planet" crew had to scope out the penguin colony and capture the "illegal" deed on camera, which proved to be fairly difficult considering the noisy colony and "constant activity of the animals."

"Adelies are like festival-goers that have had too much caffeine," Jeff Wilson, the shoot's director, told the BBC. "They're aggressive and hyperactive."

About 2.5 million breeding pairs of Adelies live in Antarctica. According to HuffPost blogger Fen Montaigne, warming temperatures in the region might have an effect on the penguin population over time.

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