Criminal Trump

The James Comey FBI scandal has covered up the most vital fact of this election. Donald Trump is everything he accuses Hillary Clinton of being: a criminal, a liar, and corrupt.

Here are some of the facts that have been crowded out of the headlines by Comey's FBI bombshell. There are 75 current court cases pending against Donald Trump. 75! Which means that if Trump enters the White House, his tenure will be racked by one scandal after another. Remember, Trump has been the subject of 4,500 lawsuits altogether.

Trump will be in court in November for fraud and racketeering thanks to his Trump University. The cases against Trump University include a $40 million class action suit. And things don't look good for Trump. Trump did what he always does--attempted to destroy the people who dared complain about him. He sued the female lead plaintiff in the class action suit. The judge did not see things Trump's way. The woman who felt she'd been defrauded was awarded $798,000 in legal fees. Close to a million dollars.

Donald Trump will be in court again December 16 in the case of raping a thirteen year old in 1994. Trump allegedly tied the girl to a bed and forced himself on her despite her pleas that he stop. Then he threatened her and her family if she told on him. A witness in the case says that she also saw Trump forcing the thirteen year old and a twelve year old girl to "perform oral sex on him and then physically abuse both of them afterward." Then there's the story of a Trump server set up solely to deal with Russia. Even some on the left feel that story may be wrong. But it's as real as the idea that Hillary Clinton's emails are criminal.

On top of that is the fact that Fred Trump, Donald's dad, was arrested 1927 after a Ku Klux Klan riot in Jamaica, Queens. Why is this relevant? Because Donald Trump learned how to be a predator from his dad. And how to cover up. Trump has a 34-year history of doing what he accuses Hillary Clinton of doing--being ordered by the court to produce evidence, but destroying the evidence before the court can get to it. A new Newsweek story reveals that Trump learned this tactic at his father's knee, in a racial discrimination case against he and his father in 1973. Every time the court demanded evidence, the Trump's destroyed it.

Then there's rigging the system via corruption. When former Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott investigated Trump University, he found its teaching was "worthless," that it encouraged "illegal" actions, and that its practices constituted civil fraud. But Abbott failed to prosecute. Why? He later received a $35,000 contribution from Trump.

Just like Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, who ignored complaints from Trump University "students," then accepted a $25,000 Trump donation and became a Trump cheerleader. Even the donation to Bondi was handled illegally. The money came from Trump's foundation, and foundation giving to a politician is a violation of the law.

Then there are Trump's lies. The Washington Post contacted 420 charities that Trump is supposedly connected to. It found that Trump had only made one charitable donation in the eight years from 2008 to 2016. That was a $10,000 gift to the Police Athletic League.

But let's go back to Trump's 4,500 lawsuits, and the 75 court cases hanging over his head right now. Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, says he has two years' worth of investigations of Hillary Clinton lined up. That's nothing to what Trump's criminal ways would subject the nation to. But Chaffetz's threat delivers a message. For eight years Republican leaders like Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have kept our government in a strait jacket. The only way to take back the governing powers that belong to all of us is to throw as many Republicans as possible out of the Senate and the House and to achieve a Democratic majority.

Donald Trump is everything that he accuses Hillary Clinton of being: criminal, a liar, and corrupt. The fact that 40% of the American public does not see this is downright scary.