Cris Collinsworth Calls Aaron Rodgers 'Honest' And Fans Can't Honestly Believe It

The Green Bay Packers quarterback infamously lied about his vaccination status, but the NBC analyst gushed about him anyway.

NBC football analyst Cris Collinsworth complimented Aaron Rodgers as “honest” during the Green Bay Packersvictory over the Chicago Bears on Sunday, dropping jaws just about everywhere.

“I mean, have you seen a guy, and in particular this year, be more honest about everything?” Collinsworth gushed to broadcast partner Al Michaels. “You may not agree with everything he says, but we have heard from the beginning of this entire season exactly what he thinks about everything.”

You mean the same Aaron Rodgers who basically lied about his vaccination status when he told reporters he was “immunized,” but hadn’t received any COVID-19 vaccines at all? The same Aaron Rodgers who only fessed up after making news for being unvaxxed and hiding it from the public before he tested positive for COVID-19?

The same Aaron Rodgers who advanced misconceptions about the vaccine, such as it can possibly make you sterile, and promoted hoax claims like natural immunity is more powerful than vaccination?

Twitter roasted Collins for his twisted praise of the quarterback, who was previously called out for lying by Fox analyst and retired quarterback Terry Bradshaw.

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