Crisis In The Gulf: BP OIl Spill Video Game Lets You Stop The Leak

Now you can try your hand at stopping the oil spill in the Gulf Coast.

A new game inspired by the ongoing BP oil spill has hit the Xbox Live games marketplace.

Called Crisis In The Gulf, the game, released by Super Boise, challenges gamers to stop the oil spill from an exploded oil rig owned by "DP" using whatever means necessary--from cannons and torpedos to high-powered lasers. (The DP logo will look familiar...)

"The Government and Oil Corporations have failed to stop the oil leak," the game's description reads. "Clearly they haven't tried TOWER DEFENSE!! Do you have what it takes to cap the leak?"

Crisis In The Gulf has five difficulty levels ranging from "Lawn Mower Oil Leak" to "Gulf Oil Crisis," the spectrum of which is only available in the full game and not the game demo.

It also features a CNN-style news ticker streaming parody news headlines such as "Previous Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate insists that 'Drill Baby Drill' is still a good idea" or "BP Management Pointed Out In A Press Release Tuesday That Iceland Didn't Have To Pay For The Volcano Disaster."

The gamer sets up his weapons and tries to shoot the incoming oil blobs Space-Invaders style before they reach the surface. You can see a video of the game in action at Kotaku.

Despite its timely release and topical political commentary, Kotaku describes the game as "not much more fun than you'd expect."

What do you think of the game?