Rape Case Investigators Issue Warrant For Cristiano Ronaldo's DNA: Report

The soccer superstar is accused of raping a woman in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009.

Las Vegas police have issued a warrant for soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo’s DNA as part of their investigation into a rape allegation against him, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

According to a law enforcement official familiar with the case, police are seeking to test the Portuguese soccer star’s DNA against DNA found on the dress of a woman who publicly accused Ronaldo in September of raping her in a Las Vegas hotel room about a decade ago.

The woman, Kathryn Mayorga, has filed a civil suit asking the court to throw out the nondisclosure agreement she made when she was 25 regarding the alleged incident, citing the many women who’ve come forward in the Me Too movement as her inspiration for addressing the alleged crime.

Ronaldo has firmly denied raping Mayorga and called the reopened case a “media spectacle” aimed at taking him down.

The official who spoke with the Journal said police sent the warrant to court officials in Italy, where Ronaldo plays for the Italian club Juventus in addition to Portugal’s national team. He is expected to ship the sample back to Las Vegas.

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