Croc Leaves 4 Holes In Aussie Golfer's Leg

It's hard to get a hole in one, but John Lahiff got four holes in one -- of his legs.

Lahiff, 75, was brutally bitten by a four-foot saltwater crocodile on the golf course Monday. He was playing a round at a resort near Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the New York Daily News reports.

"I teed off and I pulled the shot left into the water trap," he told the Australian Broadcasting Company. "I drove the cart around to retrieve the ball -- and I didn't see the croc sun baking just on the edge of the water.

"I walked past it and then it got me on the way back and as soon as it grabbed me it took off into the water."

The cranky croc left four wounds in Lahiff's right leg, three that injured his calf and one in his shin that opened it to the bone, according to

Wildlife officers are attempting to remove the crocodile and relocate it to a zoo or croc farm, the Australian reports.

Lahiff doesn't think that's fair to the animal.

"It's partly my fault ... for disturbing it while it was sunbaking," he told the Australian Broadcasting Company.



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