Crocodile Is Terrible At Catching Dinner

A vicious killing machine? What a croc.

This crocodile, waiting patiently in a river at the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, failed twice to catch a meal.

croc 1

First, the croc targets a warthog drinking at the edge of the river. The warthog flees, narrowly escaping the crocodile's jaws.

croc 2

Then, the crocodile tries its luck on a bushbuck. But unfortunately for the croc, it turns out antelope can fly -- at least when trying to avoid death.

croc 3

croc 4

The reptile's failed murder attempts were captured by park visitor Johan Vermeulen and syndicated by Caters News Agency.

"What an incredible experience to witness something like this at such close proximity - the anticipation as you know there is a croc there waiting, and the animals coming down to drink don't know this," Vermeulen told Caters. "And then the waiting… waiting for the crocodile to strike is such a thrill and rush. It happens so quick, it's amazing how fast these incredible creatures are."



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