Crogels Are Here And You Can All Groan Now


People have whined a lot about Cronuts recently -- they are overexposed, the line to buy one is ridiculous, etc. And while all of that may be true, they are also quite well-liked and Dominique Ansel has tried his best to keep the lines moving and the hungry hordes fed. But one of the most frustrating parts about the country's Cronut fixation is the incredible amount of knockoff hybrid pastries that have popped up. We don't need a dossant or a zonut or whatever else people have come up with.

And another thing we don't need is a crogel. Croissants are great. Bagels are delightful. There's absolutely no need to combine the two.


Grocery chain Stew Leonard's is behind this new carb creation. Here's a description of the process:

"We shape croissant dough into the size of a bagel, then kettle boil and hearth baked it. Crispy on the outside..buttery and flaky inside!"

Sounds like... a croissant with even more calories.

[h/t Gothamist]

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