Croman Family Founds Kingston Rescue Mission, Uses Old Ambulance To Deliver Meals To Homeless

After learning about the estimated number of homeless families living in Kitsap County, Wash., Bishop Marcus Croman knew he had to help. Croman and his wife founded the Kingston Rescue Mission and purchased a used ambulance, now painted white, to distribute meals and supplies to local homeless.

While there are food banks in the area, the Cromans recognize that many homeless families may be unable to access help or too ashamed to ask for it.

"We have two food banks in town and they help people, but a lot of people don't want to step through the door because it's admitting they have a problem," [Croman] said. "I figured out this is the quickest way to help people."

Along with their two children, Marcus and Tonya Croman took their ambulance for its inaugural voyage over the weekend, distributing 10 meals to Kingston homeless and donating the extra meals they had prepared to the Kingston Food Bank.

The Cromans look forward to expanding their outreach and are now seeking volunteers and donations of food, clothing, hygiene items and more to give to families and individuals in need.