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'Croque Monsieur' Rap By Wordburglar Pays Homage To The Classic French Sandwich (VIDEO)

This ain't a ham and cheese, it's croque monsieur.

It's about time someone created a rap about croque monsieurs. While a lot of the lyrics are sadly not about the classic French dish, a line in the chorus really brings the point home:

This ain't a ham and cheese, it's croque monsieur

The YouTube video features a lot of croque monsieur porn so yeah, we're pretty down with this.

Wordburglar is far from the first rapper to express his love of food, though. For a more comprehensive list, First We Feast has assembled the 25 best food references in rap songs. Also, might we suggest this excellent burrito rap?

Take a look at "Croque Monsieur":

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