Crosne: Looks Like Larvae, Tastes Like An Artichoke

Nature has provided us with some odd looking fruits and vegetables. And the white tuber called crosne is no exception.

While we've seen fruit covered in protective husks (like the gooseberry) and we've enjoyed vegetables that are stark pale from lack of sun (like white asparagus), never before had we come across produce like crosne that quite literally made us gasp.

Crosne, a root vegetable commonly seen in China or Japan, has the misfortune of looking just like live, squirming larvae. It tastes like a mixture of salsify and artichokes, and can be cooked just as you would Jerusalem artichokes -- roasted or sauteed with seasoning. You could also use it as a topping in salads or a garnish. In China, crosne are often pickled and in Japan they are traditionally dyed red and served as part of celebrating the New Year.

And while most people love artichokes and Jerusalem artichokes, their likeness to wormlike critters immediately makes us lose our appetite. One thing's for sure, these tubers would make a fine addition to a Halloween-inspired dinner. Would you eat crosne? Take the poll and leave a comment below.

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