Travel From Spain To Portugal In Less Than A Minute With This Zany Zip-Line

Get From Spain To Portugal In Less Than A Minute

What if you could get on a zip line and then wind up in another country? What if we told you it would take less than a minute?

Interested? Hop on the next flight to Spain and head to Andalucia, where Limitezero, the company behind these international shenanigans, is headquartered.

It's a rare (and only) opportunity to zip line from one country to another. In this case, those who start in Spain wind up in Alcoutim, Portugal.

zip line

And in the 50 to 60 seconds it takes you to get to the other side, you'll reach speeds of roughly 45 miles/hour. Another bonus? Once you cross the Guadiana River and wind up in Portugal, you're in a whole other time zone.

The zip line itself only costs 15 Euros, but getting the chance to tell cross a border and travel back in time is definitely priceless.



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