Overlooked Cross-Eyed Pup Now Sees Why He Deserves So Much Love

Dennis is looking at a bright, happy future.

This sweet pooch has us seeing hearts.

Dennis, a 3-year-old cross-eyed Collie who once had difficulty being adopted because of his appearance, now has a lot to look forward to. The pooch recently marked his first year with his caring new family with a celebration full of doggie treats and lots of love, Metro reported. 

After being given up by his owner who was no longer able to care for him in 2014, Dennis was placed at the Dogs Trust Kenilworth, a rehoming center in Kenilworth, England.

According to the organization, the pup was born with a condition called strabismus, which makes him look cross-eyed, but only affects his eyesight slightly. Still, the pup’s looks made him a tough sell, so Dogs Trust took action by issuing a plea for Dennis on its website.

“Some people will overlook any dogs that have a slight health problem or appear different, and even with his striking good looks and fun personality Dennis is often passed by,” Jane Hirons, Dogs Trust Kenilworth’s supporter relations officer, said in a statement on the site. “Dennis may not be winning  any frisbee catching competitions any time soon but he is a super dog who will make a fantastic pet in the right home so we have everything crossed he will find it soon.” 

Sure enough, Dennis soon found a home with Liz Parkes, an ambulance support officer, her partner, Nathan Bates, and their dog, Milo, Metro reported. This November they celebrated their first year as a family unit, with a little party complete with a dog bone cake.

“Dennis has settled in really well and we absolutely adore him,” Parkes told the Dogs Trust. “He is the best of friends with our dog Milo and definitely one of the family -- we already can’t imagine life without him.”


Happy one-year, Dennis!

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