See If There's A Street Intersection With Your Name And Your Boo's Name

Why yes, Kelsey Avenue does intersect with David Court.
07/13/2017 04:44pm ET

Here’s a service we never knew we needed but are really glad to have.

On Monday, Entrepreneur magazine editor-in-chief Jason Feifer launched a new website called Crossing that lets you see if a street with your name intersects with a street with your partner’s name ― or any other name, for that matter ― anywhere in the U.S.

All you do is enter a pair of names, press “go,” and the site pulls in any matching intersections (for example, Kelsey Avenue and David Court in Huntington Station, New York), along with a map and a Google Street View image when available.

Super simple. 
I now know Kelsey Avenue and David Court intersect in Huntington Station, New York. Thank you, Crossing. 

Feifer said that the idea came to him when he was visiting his in-laws in Washington D.C. and passed by “Jenifer Lane” ― a street that shares the same name as his wife Jennifer Miller (albeit with a slightly different spelling).

“I thought, wouldn’t it be awesome if we drove this road one day and it turns out that it intersected with a road named Jason?” he told Cosmopolitan. “I thought if I could find a way to actually find that intersection somewhere in America, that would be an amazing place for us to go at some point.”

As Cosmopolitan pointed out, the two-name feature would be great for finding the perfect engagement pic backdrop or an awesome photo location for the ’gram.

And singles, don’t fret. It’s worth mentioning that you can enter just one name and Crossing will pull in a bunch of intersections across the country that contain that one moniker. Instead of names, you can also try common words like:

Ta Da!

Head over to Crossing to give it a whirl.

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