Crossing the Chasm Between the Darkness and Light

As we slowly advance through the darkest day of the year, during the darkest year in the living memory of most Americans, we can take hope that the future will be better. Why? Because nothing is forever.

Most importantly, we learned this past year that neither democracy nor the rule of law is forever. I took it all for granted, as did most Americans, except for those in the Intelligence Community tasked with ensuring the continuation of the Republic. I took them for granted. This year I joined the Coalition of the Decent, the Resistance, the Awakening, Indivisible, and others committed to preserving the Republic.

Sometimes it takes a crisis to show people’s true colors. We’ve learned that many of the Deplorables truly are, and that “family values” was never more than a cover for bigotry in its myriad forms. We learned that the rage against the changing demographics, and the racism that drives that rage, was enough, with the help of a foreign enemy, to throw a presidential election.

We learned that trump’s existential fear is that he is an illegitimate president, as well as a deplorable human being. He fears Americans will discover that he’s never been more than a crime boss, money launderer, and Russian asset. We’ve learned all that this past year because of dogged investigative reporting. Now we must ensure that the legal process takes its course.

We’ve learned that the TrumpDonorTaxScam is not forever. Whatever is given can be taken away; whatever is removed can be replaced. When the Democratic Congress of 2019 takes its place, this time composed of a large plurality of Democrats with a spine, who refuse to try to placate fascists and fundamentalists as their forebears have for the past forty years, we will reverse the plutocratic, kleptocratic giveaways, and craft the fair and just tax code we’ve wanted for decades.

We’ve learned that fundamentalist religious bigots can be appointed to federal judgeships, but that they can also be impeached, because the appointments of an illegitimate president are illegitimate as well, the fruit of the poisoned tree. We just need the will to act, and to recognize that the 30% will never be persuaded. They are, as they have always been, immovable. We’ve seen since January 21st the rise of the previously apathetic, who have quickly learned that democracy comes with the price of continuous engagement. They haven’t simply marched and demonstrated; they voted, in Virginia, Alabama, New Jersey, Montana and across the country, the early rumblings of the Blue Tsunami of 2018.

They’ve been noticed by the electeds who still call themselves Republicans. Empty at their core, reduced to nothing more than sniveling, obsequious sycophants at the foot of a deranged, demented, animatronic sexual predator, their only concern now is to steal as much of the Treasury they can before they’re swept away in November. The Coalition of the Decent is rising, and if it fails, the younger generation, increasingly enamored of socialism, will bring the revolution, whether we like it or not.

Take heart, you newly awakened, decent, democratic American majority. Within a few years we can create that which we envision - a progressive tax system, a dependable social democratic safety net, Medicare for All, and a national effort to manage global warming.

We can do it. We will do it. We must.

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