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Crossword Wedding Proposal: Corey Newman Asks Marlowe Epstein To Marry Him Via Washington Post (VIDEO)

We know, we know: HuffPost Style closely resembles the "Vows" section, with the royal wedding less than two weeks away.

But here's a non-Wills & Kate nuptial story for you: the tale of Corey Newman, who decided to ask his girlfriend Marlowe Epstein to marry him using the Washington Post Sunday crossword puzzle.

The day before, a reasonably-calm Corey explained, "I want to do something creative for a proposal....I didn't want to just pop a ring out of my pocket and say 'I love you.' I wanted to do something kind of special for her."

Cue to the day of, when he can't find the correct paper and resorts to petty theft. All in the name of love! Kids these days. Etc.


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