Nadkins Are The Newest Version Of Wet Naps For Men's Crotches

Is Schweddy Balls in the building?

In an effort to spare you a bunch of inappropriate jokes, we'll just get straight to the hard fact: men have just as many hygiene needs as women. The one we're addressing today is not a sizable issue, but it's important nonetheless.

Nadkins, a new grooming product on the market, makes cleansing wipes dubbed as "Male Jewels Refresher Towelettes." Yep, that's right, they're designated wet naps for the male nether regions, for when things get all sweaty, smelly and uncomfortable.

$12.50 for a 10-pack, <a href="" target="_blank">Nadkins</a>
$12.50 for a 10-pack, Nadkins

Founder Joe Caccamo came up with the idea based on the bad sensations guys feel in their junk throughout the day. "Let's face it, when a man is uncomfortable down there, he is generally uncomfortable all over, making for a miserable day," Caccamo said in a press release. So, why not create something that turns a simple swipe into a sigh of relief?

In terms of the product name, Nadkins was born out of a conversation Caccamo had with a woman. Caccamo told The Huffington Post that his friend said, "'You know Joe, guys don’t always smell so great ... down there.'" His response? "Yeah ... it’s like they need a napkin for their nads ... a Nadkin!"

The fresher-uppers are non-toxic and contain soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, colloidal oatmeal and vitamin E. After wiping down the area, users will get a "cooling and refreshing feeling without any irritation," according to the press release. It also removes dead skin and helps protect against added aggravation.

The down under world of male grooming doesn't stop there. Mangroomer Biz Wipes are drugstore gems that provide "a masculine executive scent."

$19.99, <a href="" target="_blank">Walgreens</a>
$19.99, Walgreens

Birchbox sells a similar good called Niche, that could also be used on the face. If it's safe for your penis, it's probably OK for your cheeks.

$9.99, <a href=";CAGPSPN=pla&amp;gclid=CLeJn_HqpMoCFY-PHwodw0wNbA" target="_blank">Birchbox</a>
$9.99, Birchbox

Mayron's Goods provides Junk Stuff, a cream that uses essential oils and vitamins to clear up rashes and rawness.

$30, <a href="" target="_blank">Mayron's Goods</a>
$30, Mayron's Goods

Women have a lot of products to keep their lady parts fresh and clean, like the classic Summer's Eve and Healthy HooHoo wipes. So no battle of the sexes here ... unless we're talking how public men are about their wants for women's down there situations.

We digress.

Dudes, it's time to reconsider your grooming game.

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