Celebrities Are Grabbing Their Balls In New 'Ice Bucket'-Like Campaign

Talk about a ballsy campaign.

Taking a page out of the playbook of ALS fundraisers, two brothers have started a social media campaign called "Crotch Grab Challenge." It's like the "Ice Bucket Challenge," but with no ice and more, well, crotch grabbing.

The brothers, Simon and Andrew Salter, are trying to raise awareness of testicular cancer by asking men to post their own ball-in-hand photos and then nominate friends to follow suit. Naturally, the official campaign hashtag is #feelingnuts.

So who is grabbing their crotches in the name of science? So far, Ricky Gervais is grabbing his crotch.

As is William Shatner.

And Hugh Jackman is definitely grabbing his crotch.

Testicular cancer treatments are very effective if caught early, according to the American Cancer Society.

The social media campaign makes sense, too: Half of all men who develop the disease are on the younger side, between 20 and 34.

For the organization's guidelines of self-examinations, read here.