Snitch Crow Leads Police To Hidden Meth Stash

The bird fished a bag of drugs out of a gas station's trash can.

Some cops use drug dogs to find contraband.

But in Western Australia, it seems that crows are willing to do the job instead.

A surveillance camera captured a crow fishing a bag of methamphetamine out of a Perth gas station’s garbage can on Monday.

After hovering over the receptacle, it plucked out the illegal stash and dumped it next to a pump.

Two police officers from the West Australian capital Perth later pulled up at the station to fill their vehicle up with fuel and spotted the narcotics on the ground. 

No one was in the immediate vicinity so they decided to check the service station CCTV to try and identify a person or vehicle responsible for the drugs,” Western Australia Police wrote in a Facebook post. 

“The POI (person of interest) turned out to be a pesky crow who had fished the drugs out of a nearby rubbish bin,” the department added.

Police seized the drugs and are trying to ascertain who dropped them off in the first place. Despite the serious nature of the discovery, officers still saw the funny side of the bizarre incident.

“That crow needs to get himself a lawyer,” one of the officers says in the video.

They also posted a series of puns on social media, speculating that the crow “took off from the scene” and was “heading for a crowbar.”