Crow 'Snowboards' On Snowy Rooftop In Russia (VIDEO)

It seems snowboarding isn't just for humans anymore. Turns out birds know how to have some winter fun, too.

In this astonishing footage posted on YouTube by Russia Today, a crow climbs on a round disc and slides down a rooftop in Russia.

After a solid first run, the bird's second attempt is somewhat disappointing. But without delay, the crow clutches the "board" and tries again.

The Telegraph notes the video is timely because Europe has received a good deal of snowfall in recent weeks.

According to The Huffington Post UK, the crow has become an internet phenomenon after YouTube user penelopakristi's one and only video "Crow roof tubing" was picked up by Reddit earlier this week.

Some other entertaining winter animal videos include giant pandas tumbling in the snow and polar bears bonding with dogs.