Crowdfund a Mediterranean island for the 12M Syrian refugees to start the new Syria, a country named Aylan

I saw the photo of Aylan today. I had the same reaction you did. He is our child. We all bled inside.

There are more than 60 million refugees with nearly 20 million of them having crossed an international border. It's the greatest number of displaced persons since the second world war.

It's time for a new paradigm. The world is rapidly and radically changing and should be able to absorb new models. Why are we left to choose between only two major political or economic systems. Why can't there be third ways?

I'm combining three simple facts to propose one simple solution.

Fact 1 -- Someone proposed creating a new country for refugees. Earlier this year American property mogul Jason Buzi posed a radical idea: create a new country (Refugee Nation) for the world's many refugees.

Fact 2 -- Someone offered this week to buy an island for refugees. A few days ago, Egyptian tycoon Naguib Sawiris offered to put up the funds needed to buy a Mediterranean island.

Fact 3 -- Out of the original 20M Syrian population, 12M are now displaced internally or abroad. What binds a country together is its people, not its land. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has lost all legitimacy to lead his people, having ruined their lives. He's left a destructive path in his wake. Sometimes it's best to cut your losses and start fresh.

Someone wants to create a new country for refugees. Someone has offered the money to pay for it. The world has been hopeless in responding to the Syrian refugee crisis. Syrians need a fresh start.

So here's my proposal: crowdfund a Mediterranean island to start a new nation for refugees but not just any nation, create the new Syria. For Syrians and by Syrians. And name it Aylan.

Governments around the world can retract their recognition of Bashar's version of Syria and grant it instead to this new Syria named Aylan. Jason Buzi can lead the effort and Paul Romer could contribute his concept of charter cities. Naguib Sawiris can provide seed funding to build the infrastructure and kickstart the economy but the purchase of the island should be crowdfunded in order to give the world an outlet to show their solidarity with the Syrians.

The world can crowd-fund and crowd-launch a brand new country and set the tone for how we want humanity to treat itself in this new century. It would become a historical act to inspire others in the centuries to come. This new world recognizes that in this day and age it's more than just biological natural evolution, the survival of the fittest. This new world is one which looks out for the most vulnerable in our communities. It sees refugees and migrants as co-contributors, as collaborators . This new world sees them as they should be seen, it sees them as included.

We all deserve to belong.

Perhaps this proposal isn't perfect. But the world needs radically better solutions than what we have now. And this century is the perfect time to emerge new paradigms.

Start a new country named Aylan as an expression of our new humanity.