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Crowdfunding Campaign Aiding Refugees Raises Nearly $15,000 in 72 hours

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A new, high-end jewelry brand has successfully launched a crowdfunding campaign with a twist that has managed to raise nearly $15,000 in just the first three days.

It's called Liberti, and its mission is to empower and employ refugees aiming to start a new life in America. Throughout 2016, the United States government is committed to allowing as many as 85,000 refugees into the country who are looking for a better life and a chance at a fresh start. While that number may seem large, the fact is that less than 1% of individuals living in refugee camps around the world actually manage to make it out of the impoverished and war-torn countries they hope to escape, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency.

Simple division tells you that means only 140,000 people seeking refuge will actually get the opportunity to be moved to safety, leaving the other 1.36 million people in camps all around the world. Facts and figures clearly tell the story. People need help and it's up to those who've been given every opportunity to live in abundance to help spread the wealth and open the doors to freedom.
That's what makes the Liberti's mission to stay socially aware and responsible so refreshing. As part of the company's apprenticeship program, refugees will receive the average starting wage for related programs across the country, meaning that anybody taking advantage of the opportunity will earn $15 an hour. It really is an incredible concept.

Just because Liberti is opening its arms to refugees however, it doesn't mean there's going to be anything sacrificed when it comes to putting together quality jewelry. The jewelry is exclusively available to those that back the campaign at the moment, and those that pledge will get pieces made from materials sourced and crafted together on home soil. The jewelry itself will get shipped to backers sometime in May with the company's Embrace Ring being the most affordable option. Fashionistas can have it on their hand for just $25 before shipping costs.

Liberti is clearing positioning itself to position itself as a company and a brand committed to making a difference in ways that many larger corporations perhaps don't. Those that support the campaign are not only going to look good wearing the jewelry, they will be contributing to something that matters and directly impacts the lives of people who really need it.

It truly is heartwarming to see what can happen in such a short time frame, all in the name of helping refugees be free to live the dream. Do yourself a favor. If you know you are going to buy yourself some new jewelry to bring in the spring season anyway, contribute to something that goes beyond making you look beautiful. Lend a helping hand to something bigger than what you see in your vanity mirror. People all around the world could use your help.