Crowdfunding Campaign Hopes To Make Old Radio New Again

Super Radio App is an app that hopes to bring back classic radio in a new way. and it’s launching later this with the support of a crowdfunding campaign. Super Radio App is a free app featuring radio stations with a twist. It’s something I would have never envisioned as a radio broadcasting student back in 2008.

The project is the brainchild of Dick Ervasti, a former radio DJ from the 1970s who later went into voiceover work. He’s done voiceovers for more than 20,000 commercials, so there’s a good chance listeners have heard his voice without even realizing it. Now he’s going back into the radio business with Super Radio App with the aim of bringing radio back to its glory days.

The idea behind Super Radio App is that today’s music-streaming apps, like Spotify and Apple Music have become too impersonal. They regurgitate song after song, occasionally being interrupted by an advertisement. However, there’s no human element to make a personal connection with listeners. That’s what Ervasti and the people behind Super Radio App want to change.

The app will include a wide variety of music stations so there will be something to fit everyone’s musical taste. But unlike many of the current music apps on the market, live DJs will offer a friendly voice in between songs. These professional DJs will forge a personal connection with listeners, something that’s missing from modern radio. The DJs will also share real-time news on contemporary musicians and organize contests that award prizes to listeners, two more things that modern music apps are lacking but were prevalent in radio years ago.

While the listening experience of Super Radio App will remind you of yesteryear, the app’s advertising plan is progressive and very much in tune with the 21st century. Super Radio App also offers a chance for the little guy to get involved as an advertiser. Small businesses won’t pay for airtime directly. They’ll only pay when prospects actually check out their stuff. As a solopreneur myself, it's nice to see a new avenue being explored where everyone wins.

Ervasti and the people on his team who are working hard to launch Super Radio App won’t be collecting any of the money raised on Indiegogo. Instead, it will all be put towards developing infrastructure for the app’s 20 stations, making sure the app is available in cars and the cloud, and securing the music library for all of its stations.

Super Radio App projects it will have one million listeners within its first year and five million listeners within two years of its launch. It’s an app poised to take off. If you reminisce about the days when radio DJs were your friends and the music they played helped make sense of your world, this is a radio revolution you’ll want to join.

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