Crowdsourced Novel: Collabowriters Experiment Invites Users To Write Book

Crowdsourcing a novel is nothing new. Plenty of people submit ideas to Kickstarter and Indiegogo to come up with the funds to make a work happen for micro-famous authors.

But now, Willy Chyr wants your words, not your money. The Chicago-based artist kicked off a project to write a novel authored by the Internet, reports Mediabistro.

Cunningly dubbed The Collabowriters, the experiment involves users submitting one sentence at a time of 140 characters, notes Flavorwire.

Next, users vote on each submission, while the sentence with the highest score goes into the novel, explains TIME. After the sentence is added, voting begins again with new submissions.

So far, the Collabowriters work is seven paragraphs long and tells the story of a widower named Zachary.

The project also allows people to sign in and follow the book's creation.