15 Times Crudité Was The Most Beautiful Thing On The Table (PHOTOS)

Never underestimate the power of vegetables and dip.

Recently, Saveur's Helen Rosner lent some credibility to the crudité, lovingly articulating why the vegetable arrangement holds a special place in her heart. For Rosner, it all started with radishes.

Here at HuffPost Taste, we count ourselves among the weirdos who eat more celery and carrot sticks alongside hot wings than most people. We gravitate toward crudités at parties, and have long maintained that they are one of the secrets to throwing a great dinner party. With Thanksgiving and Hanukkah around the corner, and Christmas following quickly on their heels, we want to again stress that you should never underestimate the crudité platter. The ingredients are cheap and abundant, dips are a great way to feed a crowd, and depending on the kind of party you are throwing, these might be the only vegetables you eat all night.

In case you need further convincing, we found 15 occasions upon which crudité was the prettiest thing on the table.

Ain't no crudité platter like a Martha Stewart crudité platter, cause a Martha Stewart crudité platter don't stop (looking like a perfect window-box garden).
Even when crudité is simple and fuss-free, it still manages to be the prettiest thing on the table.
Victoria Pearson via Getty Images
Crudité with bagna cauda is probably the single most effective but underutilized tool for getting people to fall in love with you.
Gallo Images-Images of Africa via Getty Images
Raw green onions? Don't mind if we do.
This is the crudité platter at The Nomad. We want to go to there.
Lisa Hubbard via Getty Images
Do not adjust your monitor, all of these beauties are green.
Is there a more noble end for a leftover tomato skin? We think not.
Gentl and Hyers via Getty Images
This crudité is so pretty, even the flowers want in.
Richard Jung via Getty Images
Look at this. This is just fennel with olive oil and it still the prettiest thing anywhere near any of us.
Next-level endive boats, guys.
Melanie Acevedo via Getty Images
Hi potatoes, we've been expecting you.
That paper-thin asparagus is making us feel feelings.
You complete us, quail eggs.
Smneedham via Getty Images
Oh, flowers and herbs want to get in on the game? THE MORE THE MERRIER.
And Now, A Word From The OG Of Crudités
YouTube: MarthaStewart

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