Crunch Time: John Edwards Needs To Step Up For Barack

I'm glad Richardson is endorsing Obama. It would have been nice if he had done it before Texas. Was the Obama campaign so confident back then that they wouldn't guarantee the job Richardson was asking for? The fact that the endorsement is coming now tends to confirm my gut feeling about the current situation.

I am very nervous. The polls are beginning to show the impact of the Rev Wright sound bites. They will be endlessly recycled. "God damn America" -- that's pretty much all it will take in western Pennsylvania and beyond, in the absence of some heavyweight offset.

Obama's speech on race was extraordinary -- but it took more than 15 minutes to deliver. Will that match the Wright sound bites over the long haul? I fear not.

Hence Big Dog Bill's latest foray into the gutter of innuendo. How bracing, he tells us, a Hillary/McCain face-off would be -- given that these are two candidates who love their country. Such slime. You want to take a shower after you watch him.

John Edwards heard that Obama speech on race. He's smart enough and real enough to understand the depth of promise it represented. He can talk to white working class voters in western Pennsylvania and beyond. Bill Richardson's endorsement is nice -- but John Edwards could turn the tide.

Ask Elizabeth for advice on this one, John. Time to step up. History is knocking on your door.