Gun Maker Creates 'Crusader' Assault Rifle With Bible Verse On It

"I'd like to have a gun that if a Muslim terrorist picked it up a bolt of lightning would hit and knock him dead."

A Florida gun manufacturer is facing criticism for creating an assault rifle with a Bible verse on it that's meant to stop "Muslim terrorists" from using it.

Images of the AR-15 Crusader rifle posted online by Spike's Tactical in Apopka show an emblem of a cross inside a shield similar to those used by the Knights Templar during the Crusades on one side.

The other side features Psalm 144:1:

"Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle."

Spike's Tactical

Ben “Mookie” Thomas, a former Navy Seal and spokesman for Spike’s Tactical, told the Orlando Sentinel he wanted a rifle that no devout Muslim would touch.

The gun, which retails for $1,395, features three settings on the safety selector: "Peace," "War" and "God Wills It."

The Florida chapter of the Council for Islamic Relations points out there have been more than 250 mass killings in the United States this year, and only one involved a self-proclaimed Muslim.

"Sadly, this manufacturer’s fancy new gun won’t do anything to stop the real threat in America: the escalating problem of gun violence," the organization said in a statement cited by WTSP. "This is just another shameful marketing ploy intended to profit from the promotion of hatred, division and violence."

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